Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Specifications Revealed through Retailer

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Rendering

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Specifications

At the Microsoft launch event at 8:30 PM IST time on September 22, Surface Pro 8, Surface Go 3 may be joined together. After the Surface Go 3 revealed its price, shape, and detailed configuration, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 specifications also leaked in advance.

According to the ItHome, a Chinese retailer posted a teaser that Surface Pro 8 features a 13-inch 120Hz high refresh rate display with a narrow bezel design, Intel 11th generation Core processors, pre-installed with Windows 11, dual Thunderbolt ports for the first time (reportedly no USB-A), SSD support for replacement, and more.

From this information alone, we can determine that the Surface Pro 8 is a very large upgrade, with a 13-inch narrow-edge screen, 120Hz high refresh, and Thunderbolt interface, all of which are firsts for Microsoft.

Of course, if you are particularly concerned about Surface, then Surface Duo2, Surface Book 4, Surface Pro X2, etc. also have the opportunity to be launched at the launch, interested may wish to wait and see. Currently, in the Microsoft Store, the Surface Pro 7 Series is available for purchase.

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