Oppo under Screen Camera teaser

Oppo Under Screen Camera Promotional Video Released: Proactive Evolution Of Camera

This morning, OPPO officially released the MWC 2019 Shanghai warm-up video, showing the front camera “evolution” video, indicating that the camera phone will be displayed on June 26th.

Oppo Under Screen Camera Official Promo | Oppo MWC 2019 Pre-heating Video

The OPPO official said that when the full screen era is approaching, how can the front camera evolve? On June 26th, MWC Shanghai will be announced soon.

Oppo Under Screen Camera, oppo under Screen Camera Promo
Oppo Under Screen Camera

Previously, Shen Yiren broke the news on Weibo, saying that OPPO realized the screen camera for the first time and released the real machine demonstration. From the animation released by Shen Yiren, OPPO’s under-screen camera is located in the upper part of the screen of the mobile phone. It will be completely hidden when not in use, and will be turned on when the self-timer is taken.

Officials say that compared to traditional shaped screens, the under-screen camera area can be touched normally. More importantly, it does not increase the weight of the fuselage, just hide the exposed front camera under the screen, the only change is the appearance of the presentation.

It is understood that MWC2019 Shanghai will be held in Shanghai on June 26-28, OPPO’s under-screen camera phone can look forward to.

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