Oppo Under Screen Camera

Oppo Under Display Camera is on the Way

Oppo Under Screen Camera

June 3 news OPPO Vice President broke the news on Weibo: OPPO first realized the screen camera, and brought a real machine demonstration.

The development of smartphones by 2019, the front camera has become the most important factor affecting the front form of the phone. How to put the camera under the screen is also a difficult one.

Today, OPPO realized the screen camera for the first time, and the real machine demonstration was brought by Shen Yiren, vice president of OPPO. It is understood that OPPO has applied for the patent related to the screen camera in June 2018. Let’s take a look at what the camera under the screen looks like.

video shows an OPPO engineering machine, which is fully comprehensive. The screen design, while the front lens does not use a lift solution, but uses the screen camera technology.

As can be seen from the demonstration, the front screen of the machine did not find the front camera opening, and the front camera can be used normally when the camera is turned on.


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