Xiaomi 11 Design Review: Unique, Ultimate, Restrained

Xiaomi 11 Design Review

Top hardware configuration is just the foundation of an excellent experience, and in terms of performance, Xiaomi phones never disappoint. But beyond the top hardware performance, designer are also thinking, what else can Xiaomi 11 bring to the table?

Xiaomi 11 Unboxing

As the first product of the new decade, the overall design of Xiaomi 11 is not only more recognizable, but also focuses on optimizing the details of the product. Compared to its predecessor, its sense of refinement has been significantly improved.

AG solid color + plain leather process: The simplest is the most beautiful, the most beautiful is eternal

The color is really eye-catching, but the simplest solid color is eternal. This time, the overall appearance of Xiaomi 11 is more simple compared to previous generations, with more emphasis on the texture and subtle touch brought by the material itself.

The black, white and blue colorways all use the AG process, bringing a delicate feel and subtle changes in light and shadow. The blue color is like a sunrise on the sea, like the feeling of the rising sun leaping out of the sea level, representing dreams and hope. Xiaomi 11 also tried the vegan leather material for the first time, offering two colorways of khaki and smoke purple. The delicate touch of AG glass and vegan leather material can bring comfort to everyone.

All-glass one-piece camera Deco: Extremely layered yet extremely simple

The camera of Xiaomi 11 inherits the angel-eye shape of Xiaomi phones and innovates on top of it. The three lenses adopt a cascading layout with staggered heights, which not only cuts down on visual bloat but also restores the original look of the camera, giving Xiaomi 11 the appearance of a professional camera imprint, which is highly recognizable.

The camera Deco of Xiaomi 11 is made of a whole piece of glass by CNC finishing. The processing precision is extremely demanding, difficult and costly. The cost of this camera cover alone is three times that of a conventional cover. Moreover, Xiaomi 11 has also adapted the camera Deco area for different color versions to make the appearance more consistent.

Speaker “sound wave appearance” design: With sound field and more aura

Xiaomi 11 is equipped with stereo dual speakers, and joint tuning with Harman Kardon. The design of the speaker part of Xiaomi 11 is also unique. Based on the through-sense design, the speaker aperture of Xiaomi 11 simulates the real sound wave effect, which not only conforms to the traditional impression of users’ sound, but also enhances the refinement and beauty, just like a moving melody pulsating on the phone. Unlike the uniform design of the row of holes on the market, the sound wave speaker opening of Xiaomi 11 is quite recognizable.

Round metal accents: This is quite different

On the plain leather version of Xiaomi 11, a circular decorative block is added to the lower left corner of the back of the device. This circular decoration uses a fine CD pattern design, which can present a scattered order of light and shadow under different angles. This, like a finishing touch, echoes the design of the angel eyes above, making the back of the device appear fuller and more orderly.

Xiaomi 11 Design Review

Thinner side antenna slots: The fine detail between the millimeters

As a flagship product, Xiaomi 11 is designed with a metal bezel, which inevitably requires slotting and injection molding on the bezel. Compared to its predecessor, Xiaomi 11’s injection-molded antenna is narrower and more refined. Although it is only a fraction of a millimeter improvement, but the process has raised extremely high requirements. With the narrow bezel and thin body, it is more exquisite.

Hidden earpiece design: The hidden earpiece is invisible unless you look closely

Xiaomi 11 is still equipped with stereo dual speakers, with a shockingly wide sound field. But the difference is that the earpiece of Xiaomi 11 is a hidden design, which looks almost invisible on the front. The front of the screen greatly improves the integration of the front look almost all the screen, the maximum to ensure the visual perception of the full screen.

Side key edge sandblasting treatment + CD pattern design: The subtlety is the real thing

Xiaomi 11’s refinement is all-around, in the imperceptible tiny details, Xiaomi 11 is also attentive. The Xiaomi 11 side key edges are sandblasted and the edge CNC machining traces are almost invisible, making the key edges more uniform in appearance and delicate in touch. The power button of Xiaomi 11 also has a special CD pattern design, which shows staggered light and shadow changes under different angles of light, and makes it easy to distinguish it from the volume buttons when using it.

Flat top and bottom bezels: Straight and angular

A good design should have a good degree of relaxation. Xiaomi 11 uses CNC technology to cut the upper and lower bezels to make them flat. The rounded quad-curved body with flat upper and lower bezels makes it visually distinctive and angular.

Xiaomi 11 Design Review

As the annual flagship, Xiaomi 11 has a very significant improvement in appearance refinement compared to its predecessors, paying more attention to the details of carving. It no longer deliberately pursues the jumping splendid light and shadow changes, but more emphasis on the unique texture of the material itself. Xiaomi does not care about the cost, does not care about the number of processing processes used, the details are finely crafted. It does not blindly follow the conventional practices of the industry, and is designed to be more confident and recognizable. The design of Xiaomi 11, is unique, ultimate, restrained. This is Xiaomi 11, this is the opening flagship of the new decade of Xiaomi. Check-out performance.


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