Finally, Snapdragon 888 AnTuTu Benchmark, Geekbench, GFXBench, Lu Master AIMark Scores Out

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Performance

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Performance

Recently, Qualcomm officially released a new generation of Snapdragon 888 5G flagship mobile platform, which has leaped performance, connectivity, AI, gaming, imaging, and other aspects. Now, the Snapdragon 888 AnTuTu Benchmark runtime and Geekbench performance score that everyone cares about is officially released.

Snapdragon 888 uses the advanced Samsung 5nm process and introduces the ARM Cortex-X1 super large core, with the main frequency of up to 25% and an overall CPU performance increase of up to 25% compared to its predecessor, while the Adreno 660 GPU also achieves the most significant performance increase to date, with a 35% higher graphics rendering speed than its predecessor.

Besides, Snapdragon 888 integrates the sixth generation AI engine, including the new Hexagon 780 DSP processor, which delivers up to 26 trillion calculations per second, a 73% increase over the previous generation, and three times the power efficiency.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Performance (Video Source: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 AnTuTu Benchmark on v8.3.4.

Unfortunately, this time AnTuTu Benchmark couldn’t get the Snapdragon 888 platform to test this year, but Qualcomm kindly provided detailed official score results based on a Snapdragon 888 reference prototype with 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, 512GB flash memory, 3780mAh battery, and 6.65-inch 2340×1080/120Hz screen.

All items are tested three times using the default settings, and the final average is taken. It should be emphasized that the benchmark test score can only reflect the performance of a certain side of the platform, but cannot show the experience in all aspects, especially the connection, photo, video, audio, battery life, charging speed, etc. Moreover, the current score is only the engineering prototype, and the future retail terminal will have a substantial optimization improvement.

Snapdragon 888 AnTuTu Benchmark average score of 735439, the highest can exceed 740,000 tested on AnTuTu v8.3.4, additionally, Qualcomm used the Snapdragon 888 reference design prototype three times for the AnTuTu Benchmark score, with scores of 740847, 731916 and 733554. Among them, the CPU scores all reached about 195,000 points, GPU scores nearly 320,000, MEM scores over 120,000, and UX scores at least over 95,000.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 AnTuTu Benchmark on v8.3.4.

The current best score of Snapdragon 865 is 671,000 points from Xiaomi 10 Ultra, as a benchmark Snapdragon 888 improved by about 10%, which does not look like much, but Snapdragon 865 is the best score after taking out the optimization for a year.

This time last year, when Snapdragon 865 was first born, the official prototype scores were only about 544,000, which compared to the Snapdragon 888 prototype improved by a full 35%, if the same optimization margin in a year, it can completely reach about 900,000 points. Besides, the highest score of Kirin 9000 is close to 700,000, and the Snapdragon 888 prototype is about 5% higher than that.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 AnTuTu Benchmark performance comparison

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 GeekBench Performance on version 5.0.2

Snapdragon 888 GeekBench Performance of single-core is 1135, and multi-core 3794. The Snapdragon 865’s current best score is single-core 910, multi-core 3390 or so, Snapdragon 888 prototype is 25% and 12% higher than it respectively. The Snapdragon 888 prototype is 25% and 12% better than the Kirin 9000, which is about 12% and 2% higher respectively.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 GeekBench Performance on version 5.0.2

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 GFXBench 5.0

Qualcomm has only provided official scores for two subsets of Snapdragon 888, Manhattan 3.0 1080p off-screen score of 169FPS, and Aztec Ruins Vulkan 1080p/regular off-screen score of 86FPS. The best results of the Snapdragon 865 are more than 40% and 45% higher than the A13. The Snapdragon’s consistent strength in GPU is once again evident.

Snapdragon 888 GFXBench 1080p Manhattan off-screen 3.0
Snapdragon 888 GFXBench 1080p Aztec Ruins Valkan

Snapdragon 888 Lu Master AIMark 2.12

Snapdragon 888 Lu Master AIMark 2.12

Snapdragon 888 on Lu Master AIMark scored 217223 points, compared to Snapdragon 865 110,000 points out of the first basically doubled. However, AI algorithms are diverse, there is no unified authoritative judging standard, such as the common Zurich test is more friendly to Huawei Kirin, Ziguang Zhanrui Hu Ben, Qualcomm is more prominent in Lu Masters, Apple A14 can only run about 91,000 points, Huawei Kirin is more abnormal.

Snapdragon 888 Procyon AI

Of course, none of this hinders the huge improvement in Snapdragon 888 AI, and AI applications are becoming more and more widespread and popular. Besides, Qualcomm also ran the machine learning test project MLPerf, artificial intelligence test project Procyon AI, which will not be introduced here. Overall, the Snapdragon 888 is slightly higher than the Kirin 9000 in terms of performance from the results announced so far, but there is still huge potential to be tapped. The new Snapdragon 888 mobile platform will be released from the end of this month at the earliest, so we’ll see.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Performance on verious test platform

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