Oppo 125W Prototype Phone Demonstrated at ChinaJoy

Oppo 125W Prototype phone

Oppo 125W Prototype Phone And charger

Oppo 125W Prototype Demonstrated

Today, OPPO 125W Prototype phone demonstrated at ChinaJoy, which is officially said to charge up to 41% in 5 minutes, the industry’s highest charging power mobile phone fast-charging technology.

Oppo 125W Prototype phone and Charger

OPPO 125W, the adapter and cable can be seen, the charging head is not too big, the cable should be the same as the one when the cookie was tested last time, and the OPPO specific mobile phone can trigger a high current of 6.5A, which can be used for general mobile phones.  It is a 5A E-Marker cable, and the charging speed is also very strong. It also wears a confidential case, but it is not like a mass-produced machine. Maybe it is a magic change Find X2?

For the first time in 2019, OPPO has commercially launched 65W Super VOOC 2.0 on the OPPO Reno Ace, which takes wired charging to a new level of speed, taking just 30 minutes to fully charge a 4,000mAh battery.

Oppo 125W Charger

This time OPPO has increased the charging power to 125W, once again breaking the industry record for charging speed, officially claiming that it takes only 5 minutes to charge the equivalent 4,000mAh battery to 41% and 20 minutes to be fully charged.

From the engineering machine on display at the ChinaJoy site, it can be seen that with the addition of the OPPO 125W Super Flash Charge, the power grows rapidly and very quickly with the naked eye.

OPPO said that 125W Super Flash Charge achieves a super-fast, low-temperature, and safe charging experience.

Shunt triple charge pump.

125W super flash charge adopts three charge pumps in parallel with a conversion efficiency of 98%, the 20V 6.25A power output from the adapter is converted to 10V 12.5A into the battery through three charge pumps in parallel with buck voltage, effectively avoiding charge pump overload and overheating caused by high current.

Multi-pole ear dual 6C cells.

The input current of the new battery has been increased from 6.5A to 12.5A from the previous generation, and the cells have been upgraded to the 6C specification. To reduce the internal resistance between the cells, OPPO cleverly used the multi-pole ear process (MTW), so that each layer of the cells have positive and negative electrodes, greatly reducing the movement of the charge path, thus effectively reducing the heat during charging.

10 new temperature sensors.

Engineers in the original four temperature sensors based on the phone terminal pole ears, BTB power motherboard connections are equipped with a temperature sensor, real-time monitoring of charging, and ensure that the maximum temperature of the body when charging does not exceed 40 ℃.

128-bit OPPO exclusive encryption algorithm.

OPPO’s exclusive encryption algorithm uses a more complex password, which can effectively prevent security risks such as hacking firmware.

The father of OPPO Flash Charge, Zhang Jialiang, previously revealed in a communication meeting that the OPPO 125W Super Flash Charge has reached mass production status and is worth looking forward to.

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