LG 27GN950 UltraGear 4K Gaming Monitor Launched with 144Hz and 98% DCI-P3 Color Gamut

LG 27GN950 UltraGear 4K Gaming Monitor

LG 27GN950 UltraGear 4K Gaming Monitor

Today LG released a new UltraGear series 4K gaming monitor (model LG 27GN950). In particular, the world’s first 4K resolution IPS panel was implemented with a response time of 1 ms (pre-second, one-thousandth of a second). Another advantage is the 144 Hz (Hertz) high scanning rate, which displays 144 screens per second.

LG 27GN950 UltraGear 4K Gaming Monitor

LG 27GN950 gaming monitor is equipped with a nano IPS display’ that applies nanometer (nm, 1 billionth of a meter) unit fine particles to the backlight to express accurate and rich colors. It meets 98% of the standard color gamut ‘DCI-P3’ of the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI).

The LG UltraGear gaming monitor has graphics compatibility features such as NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD Radeon FreeSync Premium Pro. Minimizes screen breakage by matching the refresh rate of the monitor screen with the graphics card signal of the external device.

It also supports the Display Stream Compression (DSC) technology of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). DSC technology can quickly transmit 144Hz high-scan content at 4K resolution with just one display port cable, and smoothly expresses the original image quality with little loss. It is also equipped with dynamic High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology and is certified as VESA DisplayHDR 600.

The 27GN950 monitor is the first in LG’s UltraGear series of monitors to feature a “wings” badge, and the price in domestic (Korea) market is 1.11 million won approx 69,300 INR and 927 USD.

LG 27GN950 Specifications at a glance.

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