Oppo SuperVOOC Car Charger

OPPO SuperVOOC car charger for sale: 40 minutes full of R17 Pro

OPPO SuperVOOC car charger equipped with flash charging technology, the highest charging power close to 50W, 40 minutes to fill a OPPO R17 Pro mobile phone , super flash charge car charger also supports VOOC flash charge mobile flash charge service provided.

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According to the official introduction, OPPO super flash car charger design is inspired by the aircraft engine, equipped with a blade-shaped yellow ring light strip, which perfectly interprets the new speed aesthetics, the balance between the fierce and soft, forging the lines with great strength and fashion sense. It looks motivated.

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Its surface is designed with black carbon fiber texture and printed with a yellow “SuperVVOOC” super flash logo. The super flash charging car charger will inject the fusion and speed into your car.

In addition, the USB jack will also illuminate when the charger is not working, and you can see it at night when you need to charge. The yellow ring LED lights continuously during operation, reminding you that everything is normal.


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