Meizu 21 Series Takes Center Stage on November 30 Alongside Exciting New Products

Meizu 21 Series Takes Center Stage

Meizu 21 Series Takes Center Stage

Meizu Technology has officially announced the release date for its much-anticipated Meizu 21 series and a host of other innovative products. The 2023 Meizu fall borderless ecological conference is set to take place on November 30 at 14:30, promising a glimpse into the future of technology.

The Meizu 21 series takes center stage with its front featuring an ultra-narrow four equal wide straight screen. Impressively, all four sides boast a bezel width of a mere 1.74mm, making it even narrower than the iPhone 15 Pro (1.75mm). The display, sourced from Samsung, promises a visual experience that pushes the boundaries of sleek design. Notably, the Meizu 21 series retains its iconic white panel version, adding a touch of sophistication to its aesthetic appeal.

Meizu 21 Real-life Photo

In addition to the smartphone lineup, Meizu Technology is set to unveil AR smart glasses that showcase innovative display technology. These smart glasses boast extreme thinness and lightness, emphasizing Meizu’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and its dedication to continuous breakthroughs in product design.

The conference is not limited to hardware alone; attendees will also witness the evolution of the Flyme and Flyme Auto ecosystems. Meizu’s commitment to uniqueness and the extraordinary is evident in the tagline, “Unique aura, dare to be extraordinary.”

With the promise of a groundbreaking showcase, the Meizu 2023 Fall Borderless Ecological Conference is poised to be a pivotal moment for technology enthusiasts and Meizu fans alike. Mark your calendars for November 30 to witness the debut of the Meizu 21 series, AR smart glasses, and other exciting products that embody Meizu’s pursuit of innovation.

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