Breakdown of Repair Costs for Huawei Mate60 RS: Motherboard Replacement Tops the List

Huawei Mate60 RS Repair Costs

Huawei Mate60 RS Repair Costs

Huawei’s latest addition to its ultra-high-end product line, the Mate60 RS Extraordinary Master, has made waves in the tech world. This powerhouse of a smartphone has just been officially released, and even before hitting the shelves, the company has revealed its out-of-warranty repair prices on its official website, shedding light on the cost of maintaining this luxurious device.

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One standout detail is the jaw-dropping price of the motherboard replacement, which comes in at a staggering RMB 6,999. This makes it the most expensive spare part for the Mate60 RS, emphasizing the device’s top-tier engineering. Following closely behind is the brand-new screen, priced at RMB 2,599. However, there’s a silver lining for potential repairs, as the current discounted price for the screen is RMB 1,799. The Mate60 RS Extraordinary Master also boasts an exquisite back shell crafted from ceramic and metal. If you ever need to replace it, be prepared to spend RMB 2,199.

But that’s not all – here’s a breakdown of repair costs for other essential components:

What’s particularly intriguing about this release is Huawei’s independence from previously associated brands. While the Mate RS series was once known for collaborations with Porsche Design and Leica, this latest iteration has severed those ties. Huawei is now charting its own path in the high-end smartphone market, and it seems that users are responding positively, embracing the company’s self-sufficiency and the outstanding quality of the Mate60 RS Extraordinary Master. Huawei has confidently taken the reins of its high-end journey, forging ahead with remarkable products that stand tall on their own merits.


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