OPPO Spotted Testing ColorOS 14 Smart Window Feature

OPPO ColorOS 14 Smart Window and Capsule Reminder Feature

OPPO ColorOS 14 Smart Window and Capsule Reminder Feature

OPPO ColorOS 14 Smart Window Feature

In the ever-evolving world of smartphone technology, OPPO’s ColorOS 14 is set to make waves with a groundbreaking feature reminiscent of iPhone’s Dynamic Island and Huawei’s Live Window. This exciting revelation promises to elevate the user experience and offer a fresh perspective on how we interact with our devices.

One of the most intriguing aspects of ColorOS 14 is its ability to implement a smart window, even in phones with just a single hole-punch camera. Unlike the conventional approach of blacking out the entire area around the camera for a seamless look, ColorOS 14 embraces innovation. It integrates the smart window feature into the single hole-punch camera position, ensuring minimal visual disruption while maximizing functionality.

What sets ColorOS 14 apart is its capsule reminder display. This feature is designed to provide real-time updates on applications, whether your phone is locked or on the desktop. The capsule reminder intelligently toggles between capsule and card forms, ensuring that important information is always accessible. This innovation promises a continuous and efficient experience for users.

This move by OPPO comes in the wake of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro series, which introduced the highly praised Dynamic Island design. However, as with any technological advancement, there are differing opinions. Some view this innovation positively, heralding it as a step forward in user-centric design, while others express reservations.

ColorOS 14 optimisation for foldable flip phone

In a world where smartphone features often seem to reach a plateau, OPPO’s ColorOS 14 smart window reminds us that there are still unexplored avenues for enhancing user experience. By integrating a smart window and capsule reminder display, ColorOS 14 positions itself as a pioneer in the Android ecosystem, setting new standards for functionality and user-friendly design.


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