Samsung Teases ISOCELL HP2 and HP3, Promising 200MP Telephoto Lenses for Upcoming Flagship

Samsung Teases ISOCELL HP2 and HP3 as 200MP Telephoto Lenses

Samsung Teases ISOCELL HP2 and HP3 as 200MP Telephoto Lenses

In a groundbreaking press release today, Samsung announced its latest innovation in smartphone camera technology, introducing the ISOCELL HP2 and HP3 sensors as telephoto lenses. These cutting-edge sensors are poised to revolutionize the world of mobile photography by enabling a remarkable 200-megapixel ISOCELL sensor unit that can function as an integrated telephoto lens in future smartphones.

Both ISOCELL HP2 and ISOCELL HP3 are used in wide cameras. | ISOCELL Product A and B are used in telephoto cameras

Samsung’s press release highlights the impressive capabilities of these sensors, emphasizing their prowess in meeting the high-end demands of wide-angle sensors, including image quality, autofocus, HDR, and FPS. The ISOCELL HP2 and HP3 sensors come equipped with a sophisticated 4×4 software deep learning stitching algorithm, enabling 2x and 4x lossless scaling as well as 4x in-chip crop zoom.

Recognizing the growing importance of telephoto lenses in smartphone photography, Samsung envisions a future where these lenses play a pivotal role in defining smartphone camera specifications. They have already demonstrated the imaging prowess of the ISOCELL HP2 in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, particularly excelling in portrait photography.

One of the standout features of these sensors is the deep learning stitching algorithm, which automatically optimizes scene settings to enhance the quality of zoomed shots. Additionally, Samsung harnesses the power of processors like Snapdragon and other internal devices, such as digital signal processors (DSP) and graphics processing units (GPU), to significantly elevate image quality.

What’s even more exciting is that this announcement solidifies the rumors surrounding high-end phones like the Vivo X100 Pro+ and Honor Magic6 Ultimate, which are rumored to be working on implementing the groundbreaking 200MP telephoto lenses. The race is on to see which manufacturer will be the first to bring this remarkable technology to the hands of consumers, and the future of smartphone photography looks exceptionally bright.


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