Huawei Mate X5 Spare Parts Prices Revealed: Motherboard Equals iPhone 15

Huawei Mate X5 Spare Parts Prices

Huawei Mate X5 Spare Parts Prices Revealed

Huawei’s latest folding screen flagship, the Mate X5, has been making waves in the smartphone industry with its innovative design and cutting-edge technology. Recently, the company unveiled the prices of Huawei Mate X5 spare parts for out-of-warranty repairs on its official website, shedding light on the cost of maintaining this premium device.

For Mate X5 Standard Edition:

However, what caught the eye of many tech enthusiasts is the Mate X5 Collector’s Edition, which boasts even more impressive specifications, including a massive 16GB RAM and 1TB of storage. Here are the prices for spare parts on the Collector’s Edition:

The high cost of the motherboard for the Collector’s Edition is particularly striking. At 7,399 yuan, it’s worth noting that this amount could buy you a brand-new iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus. This pricing decision has left potential buyers wondering if the Collector’s Edition is truly worth the investment.

For those considering purchasing the Mate X5, Huawei offers the Mate X5 Care+ service, which can be a wise choice, especially for those concerned about repair costs. This service, available during the validity period, covers accidental damage due to collision, drops, extrusion, liquid exposure, and other mishaps. It provides two accidental protection services and even includes a free battery replacement.

With Mate X5 Care+, the repair costs are significantly reduced:

This service can make owning the Mate X5 more cost-effective in the long run, especially if accidents happen.

In conclusion, while the Mate X5 and its Collector’s Edition offer remarkable features and technology, potential buyers should carefully consider the cost of spare parts, particularly the expensive motherboard. Opting for the Mate X5 Care+ service can provide peace of mind and save money in the event of unexpected damage, making the Mate X5 a more appealing option for those looking to embrace this futuristic foldable phone.


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