Huawei’s HarmonyOS 4.0 Public Beta-Supported Models

HarmonyOS 4.0 Public Beta Supported models list:

HarmonyOS 4.0 Public Beta

Huawei is all set to unveil its highly anticipated HarmonyOS 4.0 operating system this afternoon. Ahead of the launch, the company has officially revealed the list of upgradable model products, indicating that these devices will be the first to enjoy the upgrade.

The HarmonyOS 4.0 public beta brings good news to Huawei users as it covers a wide range of devices, including flagships, sub-flagships, terminals, and even some entry-level models. This comprehensive support reflects Huawei’s confidence in the system’s popularity and adoption.

The Huawei Developer Conference will be the platform for showcasing the new features and evolutionary direction of HarmonyOS 4.0. Attendees and Huawei product holders alike can eagerly await the conference’s announcements to learn about the latest advancements in the operating system.

HarmonyOS 4.0 Public Beta Supported models list:


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