Vivo Unveils V3 Chip Strength: 4K Cinematic Portrait Videos Now Reality For Android

Vivo Unveils V3 Chip Strength

The highly anticipated Vivo Video Festival witnessed a groundbreaking announcement by Jia Jingdong, the Vivo Brand Vice President and General Manager of Brand and Product Strategy. On a momentous occasion, Vivo introduced its latest innovation – the V3 imaging chip, marking a significant leap forward in smartphone photography technology.

At the heart of Vivo’s philosophy lies the belief in “Technology from the heart, images from the heart.” This philosophy drove Vivo’s relentless pursuit of self-research technology, aiming to empower ordinary people with professional-level imaging capabilities. With the V3 imaging chip, Vivo aspires to grant every individual their own “spiritual charm” through stunning photography.

The V3 ISP chipset is a comprehensive masterpiece that boasts remarkable improvements in algorithm effectiveness while optimizing power consumption. Developed using the cutting-edge 6nm process, the chip represents a significant advancement in smartphone imaging technology.

A standout feature of the V3 chip is its capability to capture 4K Cinematic Portrait videos directly on a smartphone. This groundbreaking achievement allows users to create cinematic-quality videos with a level of detail and depth. Furthermore, Vivo has achieved a remarkable milestone on the Android platform with 4K-level post-shoot editing, offering users the freedom to enhance their photos and videos like never before. More specifications and features will be announced at this Festival.

Vivo enthusiasts eagerly await the Vivo X100 Series, the first device to debut with the revolutionary V3 imaging chip. As the launch date draws near, Vivo users are filled with excitement about the endless possibilities that this innovative chipset will bring to their photography experience.

The Vivo Video Festival (23rd to 31st July) was indeed a celebration of technological brilliance, and the announcement of the V3 imaging chip marks a turning point in smartphone photography. Vivo’s commitment to making advanced imaging technology accessible to all users reflects the brand’s vision of empowering people to capture and share their precious moments in breathtaking quality.


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