Everything about Apple’s Reality Pro AR/VR: Features, Price, and Availablity

Everything about Apple's Reality Pro AR/VR

Everything about Apple’s Reality Pro AR/VR

At the highly anticipated WWDC23 developer conference scheduled for June 5 at 10 am PT, Apple is expected to unveil its first augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) headset, marking a significant step into a new era of immersive technology. Numerous reports, including those from reliable sources such as Mark Gurman and Morgan Stanley, have provided insights into the features, design, performance, and release timeline of Apple’s groundbreaking headset.

According to Mark Gurman’s report, Apple’s AR/VR headset is currently being considered under three potential names: Reality Pro, Reality One, and XR Pro. Gurman suggests that XR Pro may be eliminated as a candidate due to potential confusion with the iPhone XR. Therefore, Apple will likely choose between Reality Pro and Reality One.

The headset itself is crafted using a combination of ultra-premium glass, carbon fiber, fiber, and aluminum. Resembling a pair of high-tech ski goggles, the device features a curved front with an external screen and introduces a new magnetic charger. Notably, the headset does not support the use of regular glasses but provides a clip-on accessory for users who require vision correction.

(Apple Reality Pro concept by Marcus Kane)

Apple’s AR/VR headset is equipped with a powerful M2 chip, ensuring impressive performance for AR and VR experiences. It boasts 16GB of RAM, further enhancing its processing capabilities. Reports suggest that the device will require an external battery pack, resembling an enlarged version of the MagSafe Battery Pack, to sustain extended usage periods.

In terms of user interaction, the headset allows control through eye movements, gestures, and Siri integration. The audio experience is designed to be immersive, with speakers mounted near the user’s temples. For enhanced audio quality, users are encouraged to utilize the headset in conjunction with AirPods.

Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring, in a report cited by MacRumors, projects that Apple’s AR/VR headset will be unveiled at the WWDC23 conference. However, mass production is anticipated to commence in October 2023, with the headset set to hit the market before the December holiday season.

Woodring’s supply chain sources indicate that Apple aims to have an initial stock quantity of 300,000 to 500,000 units for this year’s launch. With an estimated starting price of around $3,000, Apple’s first headset is expected to operate at a “close to break-even” point initially, resulting in relatively modest profits at the beginning of its market journey.

Apple’s impending entry into the AR/VR headset market is generating significant excitement, with the WWDC23 developer conference poised to showcase the company’s foray into this transformative technology. With reports from sources such as Mark Gurman and Morgan Stanley providing detailed insights into the headset’s design, performance, and release timeline, expectations are running high for Apple’s “Reality Pro” or “Reality One” AR/VR headset, representing a remarkable leap forward in immersive computing.

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