Arm Unveils 5th-Gen GPU: Arm G720 Series with DVS Technology

Arm G720 Series GPU

Arm G720 Series GPU

Arm, a renowned technology company, has recently introduced its latest generation of GPUs, the Arm-G720 series, along with the release of the Arm Cortex-X4/A720/A520 CPU architecture. The Arm-G720 series represents a significant upgrade from its predecessors, the G710/G715, as it incorporates the cutting-edge 5th-Gen GPU architecture.

One notable feature of the fifth-generation GPU architecture is the implementation of Deferred Vertex Shading (DVS) technology, a departure from the previous tile-based rendering approach. DVS technology optimizes the vertex shading process by loading it into memory only during the execution phase, eliminating the need for redundant loading and significantly reducing bandwidth requirements.

The advantages of DVS technology are quite remarkable, particularly in the realm of power consumption. Mobile platforms often allocate a substantial portion of power consumption to memory bandwidth, accounting for approximately one-third. By minimizing the bandwidth requirements, DVS technology enables substantial power savings, enhancing battery life and energy efficiency, making it ideal for everyday use.

Arm has released data showcasing the bandwidth savings achieved by the G720 in various applications. Notably, the Elven Ruins game demonstrates a bandwidth reduction of 41%, CAD applications exhibit a 37% reduction, Genshin Impact showcases a 33% reduction, and Fortnite showcases a 26% reduction. These statistics highlight the significant impact of DVS technology on reducing power consumption across different scenarios.

Furthermore, the performance improvements offered by DVS technology are not unsubstantial. It delivers a 15% increase in peak performance and approximately 15% better performance per watt, providing a notable boost in graphics capabilities while maintaining energy efficiency.

In terms of image quality, Arm has emphasized that the new GPU series will benefit from the bandwidth savings achieved through DVS technology. Users can expect enhanced visual effects such as dynamic lighting, depth of field, and light-chasing technology. Moreover, the highly anticipated arrival of the Unreal 5 engine on mobile platforms later this year will further elevate the graphical capabilities of the G720 series.

The Arm G720 series GPU is available in three tiers. At the top end, the Immortalis G720 boasts 10 or more cores, offering unparalleled performance. The Mali-G720 variant features between 6 and 9 GPU cores, providing a balance between power and efficiency. Lastly, the Mali-G620 model incorporates 5 or fewer GPU cores, catering to devices that prioritize energy efficiency.


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