Leaked Redmi K60 Ultra Design Diagram Reveals Sleek and Near Bezel-less Front

Redmi K60 Ultra Design Diagram

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Redmi K60 Ultra Design Diagram

Excitement is building in the tech community as blogger Digital Chat Station recently revealed the exterior design drawings of the highly anticipated Redmi K60 Ultra. The leaked diagrams showcase a significant increase in value, hinting at an impressive smartphone offering from Redmi.

According to the Redmi K60 Ultra design diagram, the device features a centered single punch-hole straight screen with an incredibly narrow bezel design. Notably, the plastic between the screen and bezel appears to be eliminated, resulting in a much-improved overall aesthetic. This design choice enhances the front face of the device, offering users a more immersive and visually appealing experience.

Redmi K60 Ultra Design Diagram

Turning our attention to the rear, the K60 Ultra adopts a square matrix design for its camera setup. While this design may seem more conventional, it deviates from the camera configuration seen in the already available K60 series. The rear of the K60 Ultra houses three lenses, promising users an enhanced photography and videography experience.

Rumors suggest that the Redmi K60 Ultra will be powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200+ processor. This chipset is generating quite a buzz, as it reportedly outperforms the popular Snapdragon 8 Gen2 in benchmark scores. The Dimensity 9200+ processor is currently being launched worldwide by iQOO Neo8 Pro, highlighting its impressive capabilities.

As for its release, the K60 Ultra is expected to make its debut in July or August this year. Redmi aims to position it as their most feature-rich flagship phone of the year. With the powerful Dimensity 9200+ processor on board, the K60 Ultra is likely to deliver outstanding performance and cutting-edge features. And given its specifications, it is highly anticipated that Redmi will surprise consumers with an attractive price point, providing excellent value for money.

While enthusiasts eagerly await the launch of the Redmi K60 Ultra, there is also excitement building around the upcoming Xiaomi 14 series. Considering the K60 Ultra’s inclusion of the Dimensity 9200+ processor, it is expected that the Xiaomi 14 series will bring further surprises.


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