TCL CSOT Achieves Mass Production of Display Technology with 1mm Narrow Bezel on all four sides

TCL CSOT 1mm Narrow Bezel Display

TCL CSOT 1mm Narrow Bezel Display

TCL CSOT, a leading manufacturer of display technology, has announced that it has achieved mass production of a new screen technology that features an ultra-narrow bezel of just 1mm on all four sides of a phone’s display. This technology was first revealed by TCL CSOT in May last year and was considered to be a major breakthrough in the field of mobile phone display technology.

The development of this technology was made possible by a new circuit structure design optimization that involved transferring the Fanout wiring to the display area inside the phone. This method allowed TCL CSOT to circumvent the problem of the original lower bezel wiring occupying a large space and reduced the lower bezel size by approximately 23%. This has effectively solved the screen “chin” problem and has resulted in a sleeker and more visually appealing phone design.

In addition to the narrow bezel design, TCL has also adopted a 2.5D curved design to further reduce the presence of the bezel in the phone’s appearance. This has created a visual borderless effect that enhances the user’s viewing experience.

Despite reducing the size of the bezel, TCL has also achieved a breakthrough in screen life. The company has introduced a new alignment design within the pixel that allows for the mesh distribution of power VSS signals in the AA light-emitting area. This has resulted in a reduction in the metal resistance value for transmitting power signals, enabling the display to reduce luminous power consumption by around 8% for the same brightness.

Although the product has been mass-produced, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed, such as drop resistance performance and antenna clearance. The actual landing point for this technology is expected to be 1.3mm±, according to Digital Chat Station.


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