TCL X11G TV: The Ultimate Viewing with 5000nit Peak Brightness and 5184 Mini-LEDs

TCL X11G TV Introduction

TCL X11G TV Introduction

TCL, a leading Chinese consumer electronics company, has just announced the release of its latest flagship TV, the TCL X11G QD-Mini LED TV. This new TV is being touted as the world’s first “dual 5000” TV and comes equipped with cutting-edge technology that promises to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience.

TCL X11G TV Introduction

One of the key features of the TCL X11G is its use of the industry’s disruptive 100-micron-level high luminous efficiency Mini LED light-emitting chip and optical-grade micro-lens. These technologies, when combined with 5184-level backlight partitioning, allow for pixel-level point light control, resulting in more accurate and precise colors, contrast, and brightness. The TV also boasts a 5000nit ultra-high peak brightness and a 50 million:1 ultra-high contrast ratio, which together create a dynamic and immersive viewing experience.

Moreover, the TCL X11G supports a high refresh rate of 144Hz, making it ideal for gamers and sports enthusiasts who want a smoother and more fluid experience. It also comes equipped with T-HRR Pro technology, which enhances the refresh rate to 240Hz, providing an even better viewing experience. The TV is powered by the Lead Yao chip M2, and a TXR MiniLED picture quality enhancement chip, which helps deliver stunning and vibrant visuals.

The TCL X11G also comes with the newly upgraded Spirit Control Desktop software, which is ad-free and supports six screen casting methods. These include four-way screen casting, NFC one-touch casting, multi-screen interaction, cell phone screen casting, PC wireless screencasting, and HDMI cable casting. This feature makes it easier for users to connect and cast their devices on the TV screen.

In terms of audio, the TCL X11G comes equipped with an 8-channel Anqiao 4.2.2 HiFi audio system, which includes four independent amplifier chips, providing users with a premium and immersive audio experience.

The TV also has 4GB + 128GB storage and supports Wi-Fi 6, which allows for faster and more stable internet connectivity. This means that users can easily stream their favorite shows and movies without any interruptions or buffering.

The TCL X11G is available in three sizes: 75-inch, 85-inch, and 98-inch, with debut prices of 19,999 yuan, 27,999 yuan, and 44,999 yuan respectively. This means that the TV is relatively affordable compared to other high-end TVs in the market.


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