Meizu 20 Pro Camera Samples Disappoint Ahead of Release

Meizu 20 Pro Camera Samples

Meizu 20 Pro Camera Samples

Meizu 20 Pro, the highly anticipated smartphone from the subsidiary of Geely Automobile Group, is all set to release in Shanghai on the 30th of this month. The hype around the new device has been building for quite some time, with Geely sparing no effort in promoting the Meizu 20 Pro.

Recently, Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Geely Holding Group, took a few photos of Geely’s car with the Meizu 20 Pro phone, providing us with a sneak peek into the camera capabilities of the upcoming smartphone. However, the actual Meizu 20 Pro camera samples have not lived up to expectations, with noticeable color bias and an overall tone that is not quite right.

The photos lack the vibrancy and color accuracy expected from a high-end smartphone camera, especially in the flower photos where the color performance can only be described as bad. The Meizu 20 Pro camera samples have left many eagerly waiting friends disappointed.

Despite the camera’s underwhelming performance, the Meizu 20 series’ appearance and configuration have been highly spoken of. However, with the release date still half a month away, the hype surrounding the smartphone has worn out.

In conclusion, the Meizu 20 Pro camera samples may not have met expectations, but it is important to note that the device has not been officially released yet. We must wait for the smartphone’s market sales to see if it lives up to the anticipation and lives up to the hype.


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