Nubia Z50 Ultra Camera Set-up And Samples Announced

Nubia Z50 Ultra Camera Set-up And Samples

Nubia Z50 Ultra Camera Set-up And Samples

Nubia, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is set to release its first Ultra flagship, the Nubia Z50 Ultra, on March 7th. As the release date approaches, the company is continuing to warm up by revealing more information about the device, with a recent announcement focused on its camera features.

The Nubia Z50 Ultra camera is equipped with a new 35mm + 85mm golden mirror combination, which offers the best image “shooting” gear. The device boasts an 85mm golden portrait focal length and a 35mm golden humanities focal length, both of which are equipped with a large aperture.

The Nubia Z50 Ultra camera setup includes a 64MP Sony IMX787 35mm f/1.6 OIS main camera, a 64MP 85mm OIS periscope telephoto lens, and a 50MP 14mm ultra-wide angle lens, which is equivalent to a 2.4x± optical zoom.

The official Nubia Z50 Ultra camera samples show the strength of the device’s photography capabilities. Despite not having the largest sensors, the quality of the images produced is still very impressive, with a focus on telephoto portrait and humanities shots.

In addition to its camera capabilities, the Nubia Z50 Ultra’s appearance has also been revealed. The device features a new Neovision UDC full-screen on the front, equipped with the fourth generation of under-display camera technology. This technology allows the front camera to be fully improved for selfies and video calls, with a customized 2.24um super large pixel sensor, and a 16MP high-definition camera with f/2.0 large aperture.

The front of the device has a 6.8-inch under-display camera full-screen, which is almost completely invisible, resulting in the narrowest bezel straight-screen phone to date. The middle frame of the device is made of metal and features a RedMagic phone’s gaming button that allows for easy switching to gaming mode.

Overall, the Nubia Z50 Ultra is similar to an image-enhanced version of the RedMagic 8 Pro, with an appearance that has been changed to appeal to users outside of gaming phones. The device is expected to appeal to those who want a high-end smartphone with impressive camera capabilities and a stunning display.


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