OnePlus Ace2 Dimensity Edition Benchmarked

OnePlus Ace2 Dimensity Edition AnTuTu Benchmark

OnePlus Ace2 Dimensity Edition AnTuTu Benchmark

OnePlus is a well-known brand in the smartphone market, and its devices are highly regarded for their high-end specifications and exceptional performance. Recently, the president of OnePlus China, Li Jie, teased the tech world with news of the OnePlus Ace2 Dimensity 9000 Edition, which is expected to be a new addition to the previous OnePlus Ace 2 released in 2022.

The OnePlus Ace2 Dimensity 9000 Edition is rumored to be equipped with the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor, which offers high-performance computing capabilities ideal for demanding tasks such as gaming, video editing, and multitasking. In addition, the device is expected to feature a 16GB + 512GB large memory version, making it perfect for users who require ample storage space.

AnTuTu recently discovered a new model, “PHP110,” in the background, which is believed to be the rumored OnePlus Ace 2 Dimensity Edition. This model reportedly features 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage space and runs on the Android 13-based operating system. The device achieved an impressive AnTuTu Benchmark score of 1050521 points, with CPU scores of 268340, GPU scores of 4399685, MEM scores of 195732, and UX scores of 186764.

OnePlus Ace2 Dimensity Edition AnTuTu Benchmark

Thanks to its large-capacity storage, the OnePlus Ace 2 Dimensity version reportedly scored well in its MEM category, making it relatively good compared to other models. In addition, the device’s CPU and GPU scores rank highly among the performance of other Dimensity 9000 models, putting it at the forefront of its class.

The OnePlus Ace 2 Dimensity Edition is expected to feature a 6.74-inch 1.5K AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, offering an immersive viewing experience with vibrant colors and sharp visuals. The device’s triple rear camera setup is rumored to include a 64MP OV64M main camera, an 8MP Sony IMX355 camera, and a 2MP macro camera. For selfies and video calls, the front camera is expected to be a 16MP sensor.


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