Hands-On with the Motorola Rizr: The Rollable Phone That Tucks Away Neatly

Motorola Rizr Rollable Hands-on

Motorola Rizr Rollable Hands-on

The smartphone industry has always been a battleground for innovation and cutting-edge technology. Foldable and rollable screens are one of the latest additions to this competition. While foldable screens have been around for a while, rollable screens are still in their emerging stage. However, with the upcoming release of the Motorola Rizr rollable phone, that may soon change.

Motorola Rizr Rollable Hands-on

The Motorola Rizr is a concept phone that was unveiled at MWC 2023. The phone boasts a more practical approach to screen expansion, allowing users to roll out a larger display when they need more screen space and neatly tuck it away when they are done. The phone’s smaller form factor features a 5-inch, 15:9 POLED display from BOE Display. The display wraps around the bottom of the device, covering about a third of the rear.

To expand the display, users need to double-click the power button on the side, which activates the motorized system. The display scrolls up, and in about three seconds, most of the rear panel reaches the front of the phone, expanding the display to a 22:9 6.5-inch size. The system interface is adjusted accordingly, with applications stretched vertically, and icons are rearranged on the home screen. Motorola is also making special wallpapers to automatically adapt to the screen’s distortion.

One of the significant drawbacks of the Motorola Rizr is its thickness and weight. Despite its smaller height and width, it’s still quite thick and weighs 210 grams, which is heavier than many flagship phones like the Pixel 7 Pro. However, this is a minor setback for the phone’s functionality, and users may find it manageable, considering the benefits of the rollable display.

When the phone is facing down and the display is not expanded, the part of the screen that wraps around the back acts as a back display that can show notifications or can be set to always on display mode to show the date, time, and weather. This feature is not only innovative but also functional, allowing users to keep track of their notifications without having to flip their phones over constantly.

The Motorola Rizr’s camera app is another innovative feature. When a photo is taken, the back display can be activated by tapping a button, which then shows your subject a preview of their photo or a cute smiley animation. This feature adds a new level of interaction to photography and is sure to appeal to social media enthusiasts.

In addition to having all the complexity of a folding machine, the Motorola Rizr must also have a tiny, power-saving, reliable motorized system built-in to make the screen scroll. Currently, the Motorola Rizr has a built-in 3000mAh battery, which may be sufficient for the smaller 5-inch display, but not so much for the extended 6.5-inch model. However, as technology advances, we can expect to see improvements in battery life and power management.

Motorola Rizr Rollable Hands-on Video

Overall, the Motorola Rizr is an exciting concept phone that showcases the potential of rollable displays. While it may have a few drawbacks, such as its weight and thickness, its functionality and innovative features make it a promising addition to the smartphone industry. The future of smartphones is undoubtedly bright, and with the Motorola Rizr, we get a glimpse of what’s to come.

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