Xiaomi 13S Not Expected as Lei Jun Confirms no Half-generation in the Works

Xiaomi 13S Not coming

Xiaomi 13S Not Expected – Lei Jun

Xiaomi founder and CEO, Lei Jun, recently shared some important updates about the company’s 13S series of phones. He confirmed that there are currently no plans to release a half-generation upgrade version of the Xiaomi 13, which means there won’t be a Xiaomi 13S.

This statement disappointed many people who were waiting for the upgrade, but it also hinted at the absence of a small upgrade for the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 Plus processor in the second half of the year.

Lei Jun’s statement suggests that the new Snapdragon 8 Gen3 will continue to advance in the release time, and is expected to debut in October. If this is true, there would be no need to bring a small upgrade version of the Xiaomi 13S. Moreover, Digital Chat Station revealed that Xiaomi 13 Dimensity version has been canceled, but Redmi K60 Extreme Edition is expected.

It is worth noting that Snapdragon has already released a small upgraded version of the 8 Gen2+ processor exclusively for Samsung, named Snapdragon 8 Gen2 for Galaxy. This overclocked version of the processor features a main frequency of 3.36GHz and a GPU frequency increase, but it appears that this upgraded processor may not be used in other brands.

With this information, Xiaomi 13 Ultra has become the top flagship of this year’s Xiaomi lineup. Consumers can feel confident and bold in purchasing the Xiaomi 13 series without worrying about a half-generation upgrade coming out soon. Furthermore, if you are still not in a hurry to upgrade your phone, Xiaomi 14 is also expected to be released in October/November.

Overall, this news brings both good and bad tidings for Xiaomi fans. The lack of a Xiaomi 13S may be disappointing, but the confirmation of the company’s plans gives consumers peace of mind. Furthermore, the potential release of the Xiaomi 14 provides hope for those who are still holding onto their older phones.

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