Leaked OnePlus 11 Concept Full Design Reveals Innovative Flowing Back and Liquid Cooling Tube

OnePlus 11 Concept Full Design

OnePlus 11 Concept Full Design

OnePlus has unveiled its first glimpse of the upcoming OnePlus 11 concept version. While the company did not provide any real images of the device during the announcement, a digital blogger has leaked the OnePlus 11 Concept full design of the device.

OnePlus 11 Concept Full Design

The most notable feature of the OnePlus 11 concept version is the luminous blue light belt that runs along the rear shell of the device. This light belt spans across the entire body of the phone, and the rear lens module is also surrounded by a circle of blue light. This unique design is not only for decoration purposes; it is a liquid cooling tube embedded in the back of the device to increase the cooling area and improve the efficiency of cooling.

OnePlus has named this design Flowing Back, and it was inspired by blood vessels. The Flowing Back design is not only practical but also visually striking. The blue light belt on the rear shell of the phone gives the device a futuristic and cyberpunk look, making it stand out from other smartphones in the market.

This design is a rare one to date and sets the OnePlus 11 concept version apart from other phones in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The liquid cooling tube is an innovative feature that will significantly improve the phone’s performance, especially for gaming and other heavy-duty tasks. The liquid cooling tube will prevent the device from overheating, allowing it to run smoothly and efficiently.


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