Flyme 10 Interface Leaked Along With Meizu 20 Pro Live Photo

Flyme 10 Interface and Meizu 20 Pro Live Photo

Flyme 10 Interface and Meizu 20 Pro Live Photo

Meizu, a popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is set to launch its new 20 series. The 20 series has not yet been officially announced, but rumors and speculations about the phone have been doing the rounds on the internet.

Recently, a digital blogger shared the suspected appearance of the Meizu 20 Pro. The phone has a white back shell, which looks very elegant and is in line with Meizu’s consistent aesthetics. The word “PRO” on the rear lens suggests that this is a high-end version of the Meizu 20 series.

The rear three camera lenses are arranged in a neat and orderly fashion, while the black horizontal channel at the bottom remains unclear. Some netizens believe that it may be a periscope lens. The upper right corner of the ring camera and laser focus is a traditional design of Meizu and is considered very iconic. The overall design of the Meizu 20 Pro is delicate and smooth, and the phone promises to deliver the high-quality experience that Meizu is known for.

In addition to the Meizu 20 Pro, the Digital Chat Station has also shared the Meizu Flyme 10 interface screenshots. The new Flyme 10 interface has an anthropomorphic design, which is rare in today’s smartphone UI. It is reminiscent of the old Smartisan design.

It is important to note that all of these are just rumors and speculations. The public should wait for Meizu to make an official announcement about the new 20 series.

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