Huawei P60 Design Prototype: A Step Up in Style and Technology

Huawei P60 Design Prototype

Huawei P60 Design Prototype

The smartphone industry is gearing up for the launch of several new flagship phones in the coming months. Honor, Huawei, OPPO, and Xiaomi are some of the major players who are expected to launch their latest offerings in the coming weeks.

Honor is set to launch its Magic5 Series at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and the mainland version of the device is expected to be released in March. Huawei is also rumored to launch its P60 series in March. OPPO is expected to launch the Find X6 series at the MWC as well. Xiaomi’s highly anticipated 13 Ultra is expected to be released in March-April.

Huawei recently reduced the prices of its Mate50 and P50 series, which is widely seen as a move to clear the way for the new devices. In meantime, a suspected Huawei P60 design prototype has been circulating on the internet, and from the leaked image, the phone looks quite high-value with its white overall design.

Suspected Huawei P60 Design Prototype

The rear lens has been upgraded with a double ring and the two camera sensors are placed inside a horizontal metal housing, giving the phone a more advanced and orderly look.

Although these details are still in the realm of rumors, smartphone enthusiasts can look forward to Huawei’s new models LNA-AL00 and MNA-AL00, which are believed to be part of the P60 series. Stay tuned for further confirmations and updates on these upcoming flagship phones.


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