Fall in Love with Vivo X90 Confession Model This Valentine’s Day

Vivo X90 Confession Model

Vivo X90 Confession Model

The Vivo X90 series is set to launch a new “confession model” before Valentine’s Day on February 14th. This new model features a white back cover, body, and mother-of-pearl design for the body ribbon cloud step. The brand is looking to combine technology and design to create a unique, jewelry-inspired experience for users.

Vivo X90 Confession Model

According to the Vice President and General Manager of Brand and Product Strategy, Jia Jindong, Vivo would like to make some internal “confessions” to everyone through the launch of the Vivo X90 confession model.

On this special occasion of Valentine’s Day, Vivo hopes to make a statement with its X90 confession model and provide users with a unique and stylish experience. The pre-sale will start on February 6th.

This new model will only be available in the standard and Pro versions, with the Pro+ oversized cup being temporarily unavailable.

Vivo X90 Pro+Unboxing


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