iPhone 16 Pro Will Fail to Pack 15 Ultra’s Special Lens

iPhone 16 Pro Will Fail to Pack Key Camera Upgrade

The latest report from renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the highly anticipated iPhone 16 series may not live up to market expectations in terms of camera upgrades.

According to Kuo, only the highest-end model of the new iPhone 16 series to be released in 2H24 will have a periscope camera, not the two models as previously expected by the market.

This news is likely to have a negative impact on lens suppliers, such as Largan and Genius, as the demand for lens upgrades will likely fall below expectations. The market had previously predicted that adding periscope cameras to more iPhone models would drive demand for lens upgrades in 2023-2024.

It was previously reported that the highest-end model of the 2H23 new iPhone 15 model, either the 15 Pro Max or the 15 Ultra, and 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max both would adopt the periscope camera.

However, Kuo’s latest survey suggests that only the highest-end new iPhone 16 model in 2H24 will feature the periscope camera, resulting in a potentially lower contribution of the periscope camera to the demand for lens upgrades.

(Image Source: Apple)

In conclusion, while the iPhone 16 series may still offer impressive camera upgrades, the market should adjust its expectations for lens upgrades based on Kuo’s latest findings.


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