OnePlus Foldable Phone’s Naming Confirmed with Trademarks

OnePlus V Fold" and "OnePlus V Flip".

OnePlus Foldable Phone’s Naming Confirmed

OnePlus, the leading smartphone brand has made headlines once again with the recent news of its new trademark applications for the names “OnePlus V Fold” and “OnePlus V Flip“. According to the international classification of Class 09 – Scientific Instruments, these new trademarks have sparked rumors about the upcoming OnePlus foldable display smartphones.

In recent years, the trend of foldable smartphones has been rapidly increasing, and many leading brands such as Samsung and Huawei have already launched their foldable phones. However, the high price tag associated with these devices has been a major hindrance for consumers, who are seeking more affordable options.

This is where OnePlus comes in. With its recent merger with OPPO, the company is expected to bring similar technology to the foldable market but at a much lower price point. The company’s recent trademark applications have only added fuel to the rumors that OnePlus is indeed working on foldable phones.

Sources say that the two new devices are currently undergoing internal testing and that information about their specifications and features is limited. However, it is widely believed that the design and technology of the two new phones will be similar to the OPPO Find N2 Series, which includes a hinge design and other advanced technologies.

As a pioneering brand within OPPO, OnePlus is well known for its innovative and high-quality products. With the company’s commitment to providing the best user experience at an affordable price, the news of its upcoming OnePlus foldable phones has generated a lot of excitement.

In conclusion, the recent trademark applications by OnePlus for the names “OnePlus V Fold” and “OnePlus V Flip” have confirmed the rumors about the company’s upcoming foldable phones. With the expected lower price point compared to other leading brands, consumers can look forward to experiencing the latest in smartphone technology without breaking the bank.


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