Samsung S23 Series Models Similarities and Differences Via Official Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Rugged Case

Samsung S23 Series Models Similarities and Differences

The Samsung S23 series is set to make a big splash in the smartphone market with its exclusive use of the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 overclocked version, officially named the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 For Galaxy. This new version boasts increased CPU frequency from 3.2GHz to 3.36GHz and GPU frequency from 680MHz to 719MHz compared to the standard version, making the S23 series a powerful option for consumers who demand high performance.

The first S23 series models are equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 for Galaxy and will be officially released on February 1, 2023, at 10:00 AM PT. The series includes the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra, with display sizes of 6.1 inches, 6.6 inches, and 6.8 inches, respectively. All models feature the Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display with Vision Booster, a maximum screen brightness of 1750 nits, and a super-smooth 120Hz screen refresh rate.

In terms of camera capabilities, all S23 models are equipped with a 12MP selfie camera and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle and 10MP 3x telephoto camera on the rear. The primary shooter on the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus is a 50MP lens, while the Ultra model boasts a 200MP ISOCELL HP2 and an additional 10MP 10x zoom lens.

Battery capacity for the S23 series varies by model, with the Galaxy S23 having a 3900mAh battery, the S23 Plus a 4700mAh battery, and the S23 Ultra a 5000mAh battery. Storage options also vary, with the S23 and S23 Plus offering 8GB +128GB and 8GB+256GB combinations, and the S23 Ultra providing 8GB/12GB and 256GB/512GB/1TB combinations.

The Galaxy S23 Series Indian prices have slightly increased from last year, with the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ priced at INR 79,999 and INR 89,999, respectively, for the 8GB/128GB configuration. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s starting configuration of 8/256GB is INR 1,14,999.

Additionally, the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with an additional rugged case that has been drop-tested to a military standard and also has a built-in stand. With its exclusive use of the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 For Galaxy, improved camera capabilities, high CPU and GPU frequencies upgrade, and durable design, the Samsung S23 series is poised to be a top player in the smartphone market.

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