Sony Float Run Headphones: Brings a Unique Wear Experience

Sony Float Run Headphones Special Features

Sony Float Run Headphones Special Features

Sony has recently announced the release of their latest wireless headphones, the Float Run. Designed specifically for running and other sports scenarios, the Float Run headphones offer a unique listening experience that sets them apart from traditional in-ear headphones.

One of the key features of the Float Run headphones is the open design, which allows for a comfortable fit and high sound quality. The speakers are positioned in front of the ears, giving the feeling of running while floating. Additionally, the open design means that the ear is not blocked, allowing for natural hearing of surrounding sounds.

The Float Run headphones are equipped with a 16mm driver, providing well-balanced sound with a focus on thick bass and transparent treble. The IPX4-equivalent drip-proof performance means that the headphones can withstand sweating during sports or sudden rain.

In terms of design, the Float Run headphones are lightweight at only 33g, making them easy to wear during physical activity. They also have a battery life of up to 10 hours, making them a practical choice for long runs or other extended sports sessions.

The Sony Float Run wireless headphones are priced at 19,800 yen, which roughly converts to 12,500 INR or 153 USD. The Float Run headphones will go on sale in Japan on February 3rd, and it is not yet known if they will be available internationally.

Overall, the Sony Float Run headphones offer a unique and innovative listening experience that is perfect for sports enthusiasts. With a comfortable fit, high sound quality, and practical features like drip-proof performance and long battery life, the Float Run headphones are sure to be a hit among runners and other athletes.


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