Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Hardware Information Leaked in Detail

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Hardware

Today, a user on Twitter who claims to have early access to the actual device of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, shared a lot of previously unknown details about the device. According to this user, the Galaxy S23 Ultra hardware has notable upgrades over its predecessor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

One of the most significant upgrades is the processor, which has been upgraded from the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 to the Snapdragon 8 Gen2. The new processor is a high-frequency version, featuring one 3.36GHz Cortex-X3, two 2.80GHz Cortex-A715, two 2.80GHz Cortex-A710, and three 2.05GHz Cortex-A510, this will provide a notable improvement in CPU/GPU performance.

Another significant upgrade is in the camera department. The front camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra has been upgraded from a 40MP ISOCELL GH1 to a 12MP ISOCELL 3LU. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra shifts focus from resolution to pixel count, but only for the front camera.

On the rear side, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera system, ultra-wide angle camera has been upgraded from a 12MP Sony IMX563 to a 12MP Sony IMX564, and the main camera has been upgraded from a 108MP HM3 to a 200MP ISOCELL HP2. However, the 3x and 10x telephoto sensors will remain unchanged, using 10MP Sony IMX754.

In terms of other hardware, the Galaxy S23 Ultra uses a Haptic feedback motor CS40I26 from Cirrus Logic, a 2nd generation 3D Sonic Sensor from Qualcomm for fingerprint recognition, and LPDDR5/5X memory.

With these hardware upgrades, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is set to be a powerful device that offers notable improvements over the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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