Honor Magic 5 Series Featuring a 50MP Quad-Camera Array Visit MIIT

Honor Magic 5 Series Featuring a 50MP Quad-Camera

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Honor Magic 5 Series Featuring a 50MP Quad-Camera

The Honor Magic 5 Series, code-named “Piaget,” is the latest flagship offering from the Chinese technology company. According to recent reports, the series will feature a Snapdragon 8 Gen2 platform and will be heavily focused on imaging capabilities.

Recently the model number PGT-AN00 phone surfaced on the MIIT website, it is reported that the machine belongs to the Honor Magic 5 Series. Currently, no ID photos and specifications are available, but soon will be.

Honor PGT-AN00

One of the standout features of the series is its camera setup, with the Pro and Ultimate versions of the phone boasting a quad-camera array consisting of 50 megapixels + 50 megapixel + 50 megapixel + 50± megapixel or 64-megapixel sensors, while the primary camera is much more powerful than the previous generation. This makes it one of the highest-megapixel camera phones on the market.

Another noteworthy aspect of the camera setup is the inclusion of a periscopic telephoto lens, which supports 100x digital zoom. This allows for stunning close-up shots from a distance and will certainly appeal to photography enthusiasts. The series will continue to use the company’s popular circular camera design, with three lenses arranged in an equilateral triangle (possibly a standard version).

Overall, the Honor Magic 5 series looks set to be a formidable competitor in the smartphone market, offering cutting-edge hardware and impressive imaging capabilities. The 50MP quad-camera, periscopic telephoto lens, and 100x digital zoom are features that will certainly be hard to ignore for camera phone enthusiasts.

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