Realme 240W Fast Charging Solution Explained in Detail

Realme 240W Fast Charging Solution

Realme 240W Fast Charging Solution

Yesterday afternoon, Realme held a flash charging technology communication meeting with the theme of “the final chapter of cell phone flash charging”, and officially launched the world’s first commercial 240W fast charging solution. To achieve 240W full power, realme brought three industry-first flash charging technologies.

The first is the industry’s first new Realme 240W charging architecture, using three 100-watt charge pumps working together, through a special parallel shunt design, to achieve balanced heat dissipation of the entire machine, and ultimately achieve the best temperature rise performance. The charging conversion efficiency of this architecture can reach up to 98.5%.

The second industry first is the 12A custom charging cable. Compared to the industry’s current maximum 10A current charging cable solution, the core material of the Realme 240W fast charging solution uses four 21AWG industry’s highest specification thickened copper wires. The single core area exceeds 77.8%, carrying a larger amount of electricity.

In addition to a comprehensive upgrade of the wire, Realme also added a double-layer platinum electrophoresis USB-C port design to further reduce the contact impedance of the wire and interface and can resist the erosion of hand sweat, dust, and other foreign objects.

The third industry first is the 240W dual GaN mini-charger. This charger uses a dual GaN design with a power density of 2.34W/CC, making it the highest power-density charger in the industry. In addition, the 240W charging solution charger is also equipped with a dual security protection mechanism, in addition to the industry’s conventional temperature power protection mechanism, an additional time power protection mechanism, for the safety of the double lock.

In addition to excellent volume and temperature control, this charging head is also the charging head with the most charging protocols ever supported by Realme. It is not only backward compatible with all SuperVOOC protocols for smart flash charging but also supports up to 65W PD fast charging, which can simultaneously fast charge laptops, game consoles, and other devices.

Security, first, the 240W full-level second charge uses the entire PS3 fireproof design to the entire charging chain to the industry limit as the standard. The core circuit heating components are isolated using fireproof shielding materials, and then the industry’s highest plastic flame retardant grade V-0 materials are used to create a fireproof protective shell for the entire machine, meeting the highest level of power hazard source protection requirements.

In addition, Realme also uses a custom-designed full-link safety monitoring mechanism. A total of 13 temperature sensors throughout the machine real-time feedback of the temperature of each hot spot, through the unique temperature control algorithm, to quickly adjust the charging strategy to achieve 60 real-time security protection, the ultimate in safety guarding.

In addition to the protection warning, Realme is also equipped with a 240W charging solution with hard strength for heat dissipation. Realme cross-level using the industry’s latest graphene phase change cooling material, and the area reached the industry’s largest 6580 square millimeters, a whole coverage rate of 61.23%.

Graphene phase change material is called heat dissipation wizard, through the solid-liquid two-state phase change conversion, rapid uniform heat source, to nearly constant temperature change to complete a large number of heat absorption and discharge transformation, compared to other phase change materials to further improve the efficiency of heat transfer, more quickly complete the uniform heat process.

240W full-level second charge is the industry’s first long-life flash charge of over 200W, which is the first time the industry achieves tuning the charge/discharge curve at 20V high voltage to reach an effective battery capacity of no less than 80% after 1600 complete charging cycles.

In the face of the extreme environment, the 240W fast charging solution also withstood the test, through 2 times the industry standard 300 hours of temperature flush test, 85 degrees Celsius extremely high temperature, and 85% ultra-high humidity of the double 85 limit test.

In addition, at this communication meeting, Realme officially announced that the new Realme GT Neo5 will be released in February this year, with the world’s first mass-produced 240W fast charging, and will bring more surprises at that time, so stay tuned.


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