Exclusive OnePlus 11 Bionic Motor And New Picture Quality Engine Announced

OnePlus 11 New Picture Quality Engine

Exclusive OnePlus 11 Bionic Motor

OnePlus 11 will be released on January 4, today the official continued to preheat the machine and announced that the world’s exclusive first bionic vibration sensing motor was created by OnePlus in partnership with AAC Technology.

OnePlus 11 New Picture Quality Engine

OnePlus 11 Bionic Motor Highlights:

In addition, it is worth noting that, according to several bloggers on the Internet, the volume of this bionic vibration sensing motor than the Xiaomi 13 Pro is also larger, so the OnePlus side also said that this time to challenge the most powerful in Android.

OnePlus 11’s Bionic Motor is the only Android ultra 600mm³ volume motor. The larger the volume, the greater the quality of the oscillator, and the stronger the sense of vibration.

Exclusive OnePlus 11 Bionic Motor

OnePlus 11 bionic motor is equipped with the latest Android algorithm: low-frequency enhancement algorithm to explore the limits of low-frequency vibration, bringing a breathing vibration experience; mixed wave algorithm: two kinds of vibration can occur at the same time, restoring the real vibration experience.

The OnePlus 11 bionic vibration motor is equipped with the industry’s latest all-phase magnetic circuit technology, with more magnetic sources in the motor for greater drive force and a stronger, crisper vibration.

OnePlus 11 bionic motor is also super adaptable, challenging Android’s strongest vibrancy ecology. Based on the adaptation capabilities of both OnePlus and AAC, as well as popular third-party applications to bring support, including popular games and applications, 3 + input method adaptations, 500 + system vibration effect adaptations.

New Picture Quality Engine

In addition to the bionic motor, the OnePlus 11 will also introduce the world’s first exclusive self-research “super frame super picture engine”, to bring users a comprehensive beyond the native game parameters of the ultimate experience.

According to the introduction, mobile games compared to host games, due to the limitations of cell phone space and power consumption, can not be infinite stacking hardware to achieve experience leap.

OnePlus 11 New Picture Quality Engine

Therefore, the OnePlus 11 is equipped with its technique, which combines a professional rendering chip, software algorithms, a game development engine, and many other soft and hard synergistic technologies.

The engine allows OnePlus 11 to break through the physical limitations of the phone, and with low power consumption can achieve a huge increase in frame rate and image quality, bringing beyond the native game experience.

In the game that the OnePlus 11 has been adapted to, no matter what frame rate the original game supports, the OnePlus 11 will be 120fps, no matter what the original game picture quality is, the machine will be able to surpass the native picture quality.


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