Meizu 20 Series Phones Teased Through Video

Meizu 20 Series Phones Teased

Meizu 20 Series Phones Teased

At this afternoon’s Meizu Conference, Meizu officially said that Meizu 20 Series phones will meet us next spring, while the rumored Meizu 19 series is confirmed to be canceled. Meizu said that the new phones are all going well and are already in the final testing stage before mass production.

Although the phenomenon of opening a conference for the launch is not common, this is enough to catch a lot of Meizu friends’ attention. According to the previous revelations, the new Meizu 20 series will be fully equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor and will support satellite communication technology.

Meizu 20 Series Teaser Video

In the preview video, the lens, waistline, screen, and other elements appear, it is expected that the image, display, industrial design, etc. will be the main selling point of the Meizu 20 Series.

Meizu has not been on the new flagship cell phone products for more than a year. Today’s Meizu is a completely new look, so let’s look forward to and witness the Meizu 20 series together.


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