OnePlus 11 Official Teaser Video Announced Along With future Dual-brand Strategy

OnePlus 11 Official Teaser Video

OnePlus 11 Official Teaser Video And Dual-brand Strategy

Today, in the 9th-anniversary event held this afternoon, Pete Lau announced that OPPO OnePlus officially opened a dual brand. Pete Lau said OPPO will invest 10 billion in OnePlus.

OnePlus also said that it will continue to focus on making good products in the future and that the 10 billion invested by OPPO will mainly be used for product development to create a flagship experience with both extreme performance and textured design.

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Under the dual-brand strategy, OPPO will continue to lead the industry in two tracks: imaging and design through the Find and Reno series. As the pioneer brand of OPPO, OnePlus will focus on the performance track to create the best products with both extreme performance and quality design. Under this dual-brand synergy strategy, OnePlus will give full play to its online efficiency advantage to create more extreme products for users.

Li Jie, president of OnePlus China, said that in the future, OnePlus’ products will be equipped with a full hardware configuration while carrying out in-depth software and hardware collaborative tuning to create the ultimate performance experience. The design is the brand label of OnePlus, and for OnePlus, the design is the part that can never be compromised. The product should be full of performance and at the same time, it should have both value and feel.

The soon-to-be-released future performance flagship OnePlus 11 official teaser video also made its initial appearance at this anniversary celebration, which shows the new design of the camera module and support for Hasselblad images.

OnePlus 11 Official Teaser Video

OnePlus 11 devices will include a newly designed camera module that includes a round ceramic module housing three camera arrangements (50MP + 48MP + 32MP) and an LED flash, along with a metal mid-frame and a curved display on the front, according to the leak.

Officially, the OnePlus 11 has taken a year of polishing, gathering the strongest internal performance R&D resources and the best industrial design capabilities, presenting a leading textured design that challenges many impossibilities in the industry and will bring users a performance experience that leads the future.

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