Honor 80 Pocket Coming Soon – Design Draft Unveiled

Honor 80 Pocket Design Draft

Honor 80 Pocket Coming Soon

In the foldable display phone market currently, several big brands are participating, but do vertical folding less. Recently a blogger brought the news that the Honor brand has also been planning their own vertical foldable display new machine, the machine is expected to be named Honor 80 Pocket.

From this name, it is not difficult to see the relationship between Honor and Huawei, and Pocket naming, the offline market can also be faster to get some user recognition, which is a very good way.

The new Pocket folding screen is from the Honor 80 series derivative. The main highlight in addition to the folding method, the latter lens module design also continues the dual-lens concept of Honor 80, using the intermingled program, high recognition, which also belongs to a glance can be recognized as a product of Honor.

And in the lens configuration, is also expected to use the Honor 80 exclusive 160MP ultra-clear main camera. Support AI Vlog video master and other kinds of play, suitable for young users.

Unfortunately, the news of the machine is only a hand drawing, the specific configuration, and high-quality appearance are not yet available. But the launch of the new folding screen this thing should be a sure thing, after all, the just released of the Magic Vs in the market is very hot, and is a direct way to sell the kind of price increase.


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