Characteristics of Nubia Z50 Camera Announced

Characteristics of Nubia Z50 Camera

Characteristics of Nubia Z50 Camera

Today, Nubia continues the Warm-up for the Nubia Z50 flagship phone. Nubia claims that the Nubia Z50 camera will be the world’s first new 35mm custom optical system, and that the machine will be a “stand-up humanistic machine king.

According to to reveal, the camera flagship Nubia Z50 will be equipped with 7P 16-layer optical coating, the ultimate polishing of the optics to bring a more stunning shooting experience. From the official release of the MTF curve, the Nubia Z50 lens is significantly better than the Friends, said to reach the “MTF ceiling”.

It is reported MTF’s full name is Modulation Transfer Function. MTF two curves the closer the better, the smaller the distance the smoother the bokeh effect. In addition, the higher the MTF curve, the better, the higher the lens optical quality.

In addition to the excellent lens, Nubia Z50 will also be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mobile platform, a 35% increase in performance over the previous generation, and powerful AI for multiple scenes of photography that are specially optimized.

According to the official microblogging content of Nubia Mobile, the launch of Nubia Z50 will launch this month.


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