Xiaomi 13 Special Promotional Video and Rescheduled Launch Announced

Xiaomi 13 Special Promotional Video

Xiaomi 13 Special Promotional Video

After the postponement of the new Xiaomi 13 Series launch finally announced this morning the latest release time. Officially, Xiaomi 13 Series Launch rescheduled for December 11 at 7:00 pm. At the same time, Xiaomi shared a promotional poster and Xiaomi 13 special promotional video.

Xiaomi 13 Series New Launch Schedule

The shared poster shows the rear design of the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro. Among them, Xiaomi 13 Pro is in leather back, while Xiaomi 13 standard version is in a glass back. In addition, camera Iceland in the poster mentioned that Xiaomi 13 is with f/1.8-f/2.2 15mm-75mm, and Xiaomi 13 Pro is with f/1.9-f/2.2 14mm-75mm camera system, while both tags VARIO-SUMMICRON.

Xiaomi 13 Special Promotional Video

Officially, the Xiaomi 13 is equipped with “technology nano-skin”, using innovative technology materials. The official also released a demonstration video, the video shows that even if the back of the phone is coated with ink, spray paint, and other kinds of pigments, you can easily use paper towels to wipe clean, very magical indeed.

According to previous revelations, Xiaomi 13 Standard Edition has two materials: glass and plain leather, while Xiaomi 13 Pro uses two materials: ceramic and plain leather, where the plain leather should be the technology nano-skin that Xiaomi has now announced.

From the previous preview, Xiaomi 13, the appearance and configuration have almost nothing to hang on, Xiaomi 13 standard version front has four ultra-narrow screens, and a metal right-angle bezel, the overall and the iPhone some similar, but less dynamic island; Xiaomi 13 Pro is the main camera phone, inherited the Xiaomi 12S Ultra on the set of the camera system, the main camera has been upgraded to 1-inch super bottom.

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