Nubia Z50 Packs New 35mm Custom Optical System; ZTE Axon50 Ultra Key Highlights Leaked

ZTE Axon50 Ultra Key Highlights | Nubia Z50's New 35mm Custom Optical System

ZTE Axon50 Ultra Key Highlights | Nubia Z50’s New 35mm Custom Optical System

After the announcement of Snapdragon 8 Gen2, Nubia, ZTE, and RedMagic collectively announced that the corresponding flagship will debut with the new platform. Specifically, RedMagic will launch RedMagic 8 Pro gaming phone, Nubia will bring the Z50 series, and ZTE will bring Axon50 Series.

Among them, ZTE Axon50 Ultra will be equipped with 6.8-inches 2480 × 1116p OLED flexible straight screen. Its main highlights are said to be an extremely narrow frame + tough body.

Furthermore, Axon 50 Ultra uses an under-display front camera with a 400ppi One Drive One Screen solution. The hidden effect of the front camera will be upgraded again, this technology will be delegated to sub-brands, I am looking forward to the ZTE Axon50 Ultra next year.

Besides the exposures, today Nubia officially announced that Nubia Z50 will release this month while pointing to a key selling point – the new 35mm custom optical system. The official poster shows that the new machine will continue to retain the classic small red circle design, and will use the new 35mm custom optical system.

Coming This Month

It is understood that Nubia has always been the main 35mm optical portrait main camera, the lens was first used on the Nubia Z40 Pro released in February. The Nubia Z50 will be further upgraded on top of this and is expected to bring a breakthrough in portrait photography.

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