Weight And Dimensions of Xiaomi 13 Series Models Exposed

Weight And Dimensions of Xiaomi 13 Series

Weight And Dimensions of Xiaomi 13 Series

Although the recent Xiaomi 13 launch was delayed, exposure is coming frequently. Generally, before the new machine is listed many accessory dealers will get the phone in advance, or specific data related to the preparation of the tempered film, phone cases, and other products.

Today, Panda Is Blad shared the weight and dimensions of Xiaomi 13 Series models along with display size. The first thing you can see is that the Xiaomi 13 series is very comprehensive in terms of body material, and everyone’s expected glass, leather, and ceramics are all arranged.

Specifically, Xiaomi 13 standard version with 6.36-inch 1080p Samsung E6 material straight screen, there are two versions of glass and leather, body circumference is 152.8 × 71.5 × 7.98 (8.1 leather version) mm, the glass version weight 189g, the leather version is 185g.

Suspected Xiaomi 13 picture circulated on Weibo.

Officials have previously given detailed bezel data of the standard version: the left and right bezel and the upper bezel are only 1.61mm, the chin is slightly wider, but also only 1.81mm, narrower than the iPhone 14 bezel across the board.

Xiaomi 13 Pro is 6.73 inches 2K E6 curved screen, there are two versions ceramic and leather, the body circumference is 163 × 74.6 × 8.38 (8.7 leather version) mm, ceramic version weight 229g, leather version is 210g.


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