Moto X40 Camera Sample Shows Notable Improvement

Moto X40 Camera Sample Exposure

Moto X40 Camera Sample Exposure

While Xiaomi previewed the new MIUI 14 system for Xiaomi 13 Series saying will bring the “razor plan” update, the main focus of “ultra-small system firmware, ultra-small system memory footprint, and ultra-low uninstallable applications.” The Motorola side, which has been “very close” to Xiaomi, has followed suit.

Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s cell phone business in China, posted, “People who have baggage need to keep shaving it off. MYUI 5.0, is good, light, and fast from the beginning to the end. Refreshing departure, coming soon.”

Although not explicitly pointed out, combined with its text and Xiaomi’s warm-up for the MIUI 14 system main item, this is also clearly aimed at Xiaomi. Earlier Moto side also said their X40 new machine will be the same as Xiaomi 13 series’s support for IP68 water and dust resistance.

Today, Chen Jin, released the first Moto X40 camera sample. He said: (new product) for the scenery shooting scene, to bring you the original picture of the mountains and the sea intelligent image, restore the beauty of the original picture quality of the world.

Moto X40 Camera Sample

From the picture released by Chen Jin, Moto X40 the overall control of the picture is very much in place, the foreground plants have obvious details to show, the central mountains and layers of clouds are quite beneficial, and the transition of the distant sky clouds and mountains is just right, giving a sense of landscape painting, a relatively complete display of the cold and stern winter.

From the previous performance, the camera aspect has been the soft spot of Moto cell phones, although in hardware Moto has not been stingy, in software, tuning is always most meaningful, and this time Moto has been promoting the new flagship’s photographic capabilities, think more than the previous generations of products, Moto X40 will not bring small surprise.


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