Xiaomi 13 Battery Life, Core Specs, and New Razor Plan of MIUI 14 Announced

Xiaomi 13 Battery Life

Xiaomi 13 Battery Life, Core Specs, and New Razor Plan

After yesterday’s frequent official announcements of the release of the Xiaomi 13 Series, officials continued to warm up the machine today, announcing data on the processor and gaming.

Xiaomi said, “New Snapdragon 8 Gen2, CPU multi-core performance improved by 37%, comparable to A16; GPU performance improved by 42%, surpassing A16 performance, bringing Snapdragon’s best performance ever. “Xiaomi 13 Standard Edition, performance comparable to gaming phones with Golden size, extraordinary battle power. Not full performance, but broken performance!”

Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor this point we all know before the start of the launch, so far the Xiaomi 13 Series is still the first, there should be no other machine that can grab past this name.

In addition, Xiaomi 13 Series will also be equipped with the latest LPDDR5X 8533Mbps memory with a 33% performance boost, as well as the latest UFS 4.0 flash memory and a 100% speed boost. Lei Jun once again released a long article on social media introducing the core configuration of the new machine, and also released Xiaomi 13 battery life test.

From the results, the Xiaomi 13 range DOU test score is 1.37, stronger than the 1.28 of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which was previously praised by users, and significantly exceeded the 0.98 of the iPhone 14. Simply put, a score of more than 1 means that it can be used normally for one day, and the Xiaomi 13 standard version’s performance is eye-catching.

In addition, Lei Jun also said: as opposed to making the battery bigger, he is more concerned about the battery life, Lei Jun’s perception of this is: from the leading parameters to experience first.

Besides all new hardware, there is also new software – the MIUI 14 with the “New Life” slogan. According to the introduction, the launch of MIUI 14 will be an innovation of MIUI, and is also a new beginning, for MIUI.

According to the information revealed by Xiaomi, MIUI 14 will have four main features: fewer pre-installed APPs, more practical features, a new design language, and a more smooth and more stable system experience.

Furthermore, MIUI officially announced that it will start the “Razor Plan” in MIUI 14, deleting the complexity and simplifying it to create a super-pure system with the smallest firmware, the smallest memory consumption, and the least uninstallable applications.

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