Official Hints OPPO MariSilicon X2 Coming Next Month

OPPO MariSilicon X2 Coming

OPPO MariSilicon X2 Coming

The road to self-research chips of domestic manufacturers is not smooth, except once Huawei, most of them start from small chips with specific functions, such as Xiaomi’s Surge C1, P1, and G1, such as Vivo’s V1/V2, such as OPPO’s MariSilicon X.

Previously there was news that OPPO’s self-research chip to TSMC’s order volume of more than 10 million, Liu Bo also confirmed such a figure, saying that the current chip consumption has exceeded 10 million, followed by some more orders.

He also mentioned the new generation of chips, Liu Bo also said that we will be able to see some new second-step chip progress next month, but the specific chip information is not mentioned. This chip will be nonother than OPPO MariSilicon X2 powering Find X6 Series.

He stressed that OPPO will continue to invest in the underlying technology. OPPO’s chip staff is still increasing, on the one hand, to do, research and development, on the other hand, is a need to do the chip adaptation.

The investment in this area is still very large. This year’s chip is the first step, OPPO will take a second step, and continue to do hardware and software iterations. Next year we will see greater changes.

MariSilicon X is the first image-specific NPU chip launched by OPPO at the end of last year, and the world’s first 6-nm image-specific NPU for mobile. Which has been installed in the Find X5 series, Reno8 series, and Reno9 series this time.

It has unprecedentedly powerful AI computing energy efficiency, integrating the self-developed AI processing unit MariNeuro. AI computing power reaches 18TOPS, surpassing Apple A15’s 15.8TOPS, which is the top level in the world.


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