Here is the Official Cinematic Video of the Vivo X90 Pro+ Unboxing

Vivo X90 Pro+ Unboxing Video

Vivo X90 Pro+ Unboxing Video

On the evening of November 22, Vivo officially released the X90 Series of – X90, X90 Pro, and X90 Pro+. Of which the X90 standard version and Pro version are equipped with the Dimensity 9200 processor, some sharp-eyed partners found that the X90 Pro+ configuration table only wrote TSMC 4nm processor, and did not give a specific model.

Vivo X90 Pro Series Promotional Video

The answer is that the processor model is intentionally hidden by Vivo, and the specific reveal time is the 2nd of next month. This answer also makes the netizens brainstorm, some netizens said: either Dimensity 9200 or Snapdragon 8 Gen2, anyway, it will not be Apple A16.

Currently, Vivo does not allow experts to publish evolution videos of X90 Pro+, but Vivo officially shared a Vivo X90 Pro+ unboxing video showing design, build quality, and in-box accessories in a Cinematic way.

Vivo X90 Pro+ Unboxing

As the opening work of the new decade of the Vivo X series, the X90 series is both the pinnacle of camera performance and a design paragon. The X90 series is not only a comprehensive upgrade in performance, system, and audio and video effects, but also a comprehensive enhancement of dual-core computing power, self-researched imaging algorithms, and the industry’s highest standard of optical devices, bringing a video experience beyond imagination. The X series is an aesthetic order with both inherited and unique product design language. It is more than a flagship.” Said, Vivo.


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