Xiaomi 12T Pro Special Edition is Contemporary Art Piece

Xiaomi 12T Pro Special Edition

Xiaomi 12T Pro Special Edition by Daniel Arsham

Cell phone products in the past few years launch co-branded models have been endlessly seen, usually with well-known IP animation or film and television, while some words will do some artists co-branded models.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition

Recently, Xiaomi 12T Pro special edition has joined hands with an artist to launch a co-branded model, so the founder of Xiaomi Lei Jun could not help but to send a microblogging recommendation, Lei Jun said.

“Xiaomi has joined hands with Daniel Arsham to link sculptural art with today’s mobile smartphone terminals, transforming the Xiaomi 12T, which is only available in the international market, into a contemporary art piece. The Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition, available only on Xiaomi’s international website, is limited to 2,000 units!”

In terms of design, the box and phone of this customized Xiaomi 12T Pro are designed with a lime green pattern + copper-yellow metal strip, inspired by Daniel Arsham’s “future archaeology” aesthetic, which looks like an ancient artifact that has undergone erosion.

In addition to the box and phone, other accessories of the set are also customized, such as the gold inner box, green charger, data cable, and service card. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi 12T Pro’s system UI has also been custom designed and armed to the teeth.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition Unboxed


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