New Vivo X90 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark Uncovered

Vivo X90 Pro

Vivo X90 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark

This week, Vivo launched X90 Series phones – X90, X90 Pro, and X90 Pro+. Among them, Vivo X90 and X90 Pro are equipped with the newly launched MediaTek Dimensity 9200 mobile platforms.

For the Vivo X90 series to start with the flagship platform of Dimensity 9200, Zhao Dian, product manager of Vivo, said at the press conference that it is the result of the sincere cooperation between the two sides and the joint research and development and exclusive tuning in the bottom layer.

With the joint R&D and exclusive tuning by MediaTek and Vivo, the lab score of Dimensity 9200 is as high as 1.28 million and the GPU score is even 570,000, while the overall power consumption is more than 25% lower than that of Dimensity 9000.

Now AnTuTu found a new Vivo V2242A in the background database, if no surprise this should be the just-released X90 Pro. This score comes from a high-grade version, equipped with 12GB RAM and 512GB storage, and the system version is Android 13.

Vivo X90 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark

In terms of performance, Vivo X90 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark’s highest score is 1273390, including a CPU score of 278176, GPU score of 554677, MEM score of 248569, and UX score of 191968.

Compared with the Dimensity 9000, the 9200 has improved in both CPU and GPU performance, with the GPU performance improving more; at the same time, with the addition of UFS 4.0 support, the storage performance also has better performance.


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